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Big Round for KC Based Bungii

Have you ever needed to move a couch and realized that your friend with the truck just moved?  If so, Bungii is for you.  Bungii is an Uber-like service for people seeking to use a pickup truck.

The long-haul trucking business is big business at nearly $71B per year, but very little information is available for the short haul or small haul business.  This business has persisted through numerous different informational ages – but the advent of the internet has created a rapid evolution – from newspaper ads to craigslist to Bungii.

Bungii states on their website “think on-demand delivery for large items.  [Bungii works] well with Craigslist, wholesale warehouses (like Costco or Sam’s Club), people who need help with small moves, and furniture/retail stores.  Essentially, [the company] just wants to be available for the next ‘I need a truck’ movement.”

The company has established a strong technology base with great usability – transforming the experience from clunky to simple.  It includes information on the driver and clarity regarding the reliability and background of said driver.  It includes a mechanism to estimate the cost and pay within the app.  And it has other tools that ensure security and safety throughout the experience.

This week Bungii announced that it had received more than $9 million in venture funding.  This funding included past investors – such as Sandy Kemper (CEO of C2FO) and the KC Rise Fund.  But, it also included some new super angels from the coasts and other coastal capital.  This infusion of coastal capital continues Kansas City’s strong 2019 – with more than $380 million entering the metro market.  This is 159% above the total from the same period last year.  In fact, the Kansas City area has now outpaced fundings for the entire 2018 calendar year.

Bungii expects to use the investment to grow its platform and improve its technology.  In addition, the company hopes to expand its platform to include more cities.  Currently, the company offers its service in eight communities, including Kansas City and Chicago.

For more information about the investment event, check out the excellent Startland News coverage –  For more information about the company, check out their website at

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