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Our Process


Our Process

Application: Accepting applications on a rolling basis
Screening: Friday mornings, two-three screening calls a month
Monthly Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month (except December)
Due Diligence Calls: Typically the 3rd & 4th week of each month
Call for Commitments: Typically the 4th & 5th week of each month

A startup can expect to complete our process in 30-45 days.

See below for our investment criteria.

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Additional Information

Due Diligence Fees

There is no application fee for a startup company who comes through our process. The Nebraska Angels, a not-for-profit organization, helps coordinate the collection of signatures and funds from members who make investments. To offset the cost of processing the transaction, we request companies that receive investments greater than $200,000 by the Nebraska Angels, excluding an investment from Invest Nebraska, to contribute a one-time payment of $2,000. This will help ensure that the organization will be available to assist with the collection of investments, utilizing our Special Purpose Entity, and providing startup resources like our job board.