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Investment Criteria


Investment Vehicle

Our organization follows NVCA-style investor documents (i.e., Convertible notes, SAFE notes, Preferred Stock investments with a standard set of investor rights). Any documents that stray from these general guidelines will not gain investor interest.



Since 2020, our members have invested in mostly Seed deals, with a few investments in Pre-Seed. See below for our aggregated data on valuation since 2020.

Preferred Equity (first time approaching the group):
Average Pre-money Valuation: $4.22 million
Pre-money Valuation Range: $3 million to $6 million

Convertible and SAFE Notes:
Average Valuation Cap: $4.5 million
Valuation Cap: $3 million to 6.5 million 

* Based on these averages, the valuation should fall within a similar range, adjusted for stage and industry. A valuation outside the specified range does not disqualify a startup from our process, assuming revenue or other indicators support the stated valuation.


Average Check Size

The Nebraska Angels is a network of 100+ investors that invest their own money into a company. In aggregate, the members of the Nebraska Angels typical investment totals $120,000 to $545,000+. 


Location & Industry

Location Preference: A company based in Nebraska, has ties back to Nebraska, or is located in the Midwest region.

Industry Preference: Agnostic 


  • Large or rapidly growing market opportunity that could provide investors with a 10x+ return on investment within a 3-5 year period.
  • The company has a unique solution to the market problem that will give it a significant advantage against competitors and alternative solutions. 
  • The team is highly experienced, driven and coachable.  For companies focused on software, there must be at least one team member with development skills/experience. 
  • The company has at least a small customer base, the revenue model is developed and the team understands what the market can bear.
  • The start up requires $100,000 to $1,000,000 in outside capital to fuel the current growth, and that will allow the company to achieve at least 12-24 months of sustained operations.


*Statistics and data above have been aggregated from 24 new deals that received funding from 2020-2024.