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Deal Flow Process


How We Work

Application and Screening Process

The Nebraska Angels accept applications through GUST. Typically, companies that apply come either through direct applications or referrals from members/partners. Our Executive Director reviews all applications and our Screening Committee narrows the list to a select few based on how compelling the business and related investment opportunity is for our group through screening sessions. From that process, two companies are selected to meet with our full group at one of our monthly investor meetings.

Investor Pitch

We hold investor meetings every month and 2 companies present at each meeting. These are highly interactive sessions involving a combination of formal presentations, demos, and Q&A. We typically provide immediate feedback on our interest level at the meeting through a survey. This can be either to move straight into due diligence efforts to consider for investment or to offer ongoing assistance for future consideration.


The investment due diligence can take from a few weeks to a few months. Due diligence efforts are conducted by our Executive Director, Interns, and members who are interested in assisting. If due diligence is positive, investment terms are negotiated unless they already exist, and then a due diligence report is circulated to the entire Membership to determine final interest.


As experienced entrepreneurs and business executives, we will assist our portfolio companies as needed. Sometimes, as part of the investment, and depending on the deal terms and the extent of our participation, members may serve on your board of directors, or act as an advisor in a business or domain sense. We are also often a source of connections to downstream investors, customers, partners, and talent. Ongoing communication is critical. We expect to hear regular updates on all of our portfolio companies.