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Fourstarzz Media: fueling the growth of influencer marketing

Over the past 50 years, business marketing strategies have changed substantially.

But there has always been one constant – the power of word-of-mouth marketing. People talking to people has always been one of the most impactful marketing methods.  The rise in social media personalities has hence sparked the interest of many businesses. Now marketers can leverage word-of-mouth marketing at scale by collaborating with social media influencers for marketing purposes. On the one hand, this is due to social media growing fast. Brands are in need to create social media and mobile-optimized content at scale. On the other side the growth of creative content creators – Instagramers, YouTubers, bloggers, who have created social communities, where new trends are made and cool products being discussed.

Fourstarzz Media, a Lincoln-based SaaS company, is serving this increased demand for influencer marketing by offering innovative solutions to not only connect businesses with social media influencers, but as well to help marketers to successfully collaborate with them.  

So, what is influencer marketing, and why is it such a crucial aspect of business in the current market? Influencer marketing is the hiring of social media content creators to endorse a brand, product, or service. The key: the Instagrammer, YouTuber or blogger is describing in her voice and on her own social media channels to her community what the brand stands for and why the product or service is worth to be purchased. That increases the authenticity of the message tremendously. These endorsements have helped a vast amount of companies around the globe in an array of industries to improve brand awareness and sales to lower costs; it has since become a high priority for many businesses’ marketing campaigns. 

“Most marketers still think about Kim Kardashian if they hear the word influencer marketing.”, says Daniel Troesch, co-founder of Fourstarzz Media. “But the real deal is working with mom bloggers, a youtube gamer, or the local fashion Instagrammer – people who have great content, high engagements and impact on their following but do not ask for thousands of dollars.”

Fourstarzz Media gives marketers access to a variety of influencer marketing tools. Their backbone tool is an Influencer Marketing Discovery tool, which recently has been updated. The tool allows marketers to search through more than 300k influencers, focusing mainly on influencers between 5k-500k followers. List creation and in-app campaign tracking features allow teams to run efficient campaigns. Each influencer profile is featured with estimated pricing, engagement rates, and audience demographics. Next to that wealth of data, users can benefit additionally from the built-in result prediction tool to pick the right influencers. The influencer discovery tool is available for only 59 USD per month. 

“Most competitors are offering prices above 200 USD per month and longer-term subscriptions. We re-built our influencer discovery tool to offer all features you need, such as location search, follower audience analytics and contact details, list building, and predictive analytics, but making this data as well accessible for smaller brands with the best value in market pricing”. 

In addition to this, Fourstarzz Media co-founder Daniel Troesch hinted that their Campaign Navigator will also be included by the end of July in the discovery tool. This AI-driven tool gives the user access to a personalized influencer campaign plan, detailing an effective influencer marketing strategy with handpicked influencers.

“With the Campaign Navigator, we are providing an actionable plan and guidance for those who want to start with influencer marketing.”, Troesch explained. 

Daniel Troesch and Dennis Doerfl co-founded the company in January of 2016 with the desire to fuel the growth in the influencer marketing industry. The company has received recognition, being featured as one of the most innovative influencer marketing platforms globally by Gartner in 2018. The clients are big global players such as Groupon, Expedia, BMW or Philips but Fourstarzz has helped as well smaller e-commerce companies, such as Lincoln-based, to integrate influencer marketing into their digital marketing mix. 

Fourstarzz Media founder Daniel Troesch spoke about what sets his company apart.

“What distinguishes us from our competitors is that we deliver world-class quality and features to midwestern pricing.” said Daniel Troesch.

Doerfl added, “Influencer marketing compares favorably to other forms of advertising. We help to ensure that every influencer marketing dollar spent is used to hit the right audience.”

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