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Tstud ™ – saving energy has never looked so good

Roosevelt Energy Technologies, Inc., the exclusive North American licensee of the entire Tstud ™ product lineup and the Tstud ™ wall assembly, announced that it received two funding tranches totaling to $1m.

$500k was allocated to the company in July; the other $500k will be given in the month of April.

Roosevelt Energy offers an innovative solution to the building industry. According to their website, the Tstud™ is a newly engineered building product that uses two lumber members, an internal truss system, and a frothed-in-place closed-cell foam providing a 99% complete thermal break through the wall assembly. With just ONE product, the Tstud™ raises the bar on 5 major construction concerns: thermal breaks, structural strength, wind loads, sound transmission and fire/life safety.

Tstud™ sets to solve the number one nemesis of the construction industry: how to “cost effectively” stop the transfer of outdoor climatic heat or cold from affecting the interior of a structures’ ambient room temperature. Their product offers a 99.23% complete thermal break from the inside to the outside of a structure. Additionally, the Tstud™ tested three times stronger than 2×6’s and four times stronger than 2×4’s in straight down vertical testing.

Tstud™ has passed all the ASTM and ANSI testing requirements. This allows for the use of the Tstud™ in all of North America. Furthermore, the Tstud™ has been tested and passed for all hurricane and seismic zones in North America, up to 16’ tall in exterior walls. Lastly, the Tstud™ is rated as a +6 in sound transmission rate. This is similar to installing a resilient channel on both sides of a wall which provides an impressive amount of sound proofing. Lastly, the Tstud™ is highly fire resistant. According to their website, 90% of the Tstud™ remained intact after a 10-minute burn at 3,500 degrees. It will soon be code compliant.

For the time being, the licensed products include wall assembly components. However, Roosevelt Energy stated on their website that roof and floor members in the research and development phase and are anticipated in the future, as well as treated products.

Brian Iverson, Managing Director at Roosevelt Energy, is responsible for the invention of the Tstud™. Roosevelt Energy was founded in 2017 and is based out of Elk River, Minnesota. Brian has over 30 years of experience in business development and company management. Brian has a two-year degree in architectural and civil engineering and became a certified energy auditor for Xcel Energy in 1979. Simply put, Roosevelt Energy wants to build a more sustainable, green, and stronger future, and the Tstud™ is looking to pave the way.

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