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3E Software Raise Late-Stage VC

In June 2019, 3E Software, a Fayetteville, Arkansas company that simplifies and improves financial systems through the use of their online platform, received $300 thousand in a round of late-stage venture capitalist funding sponsored by Community Bank Investors of America and Cadron Capital Partners. 

3E Software provides its financial software through its platform, TeslarTeslar is based around four fundamental pillars of their mission, which includes; empowering bankers, streamlined processes, integration, and scalability. They empower bankers through the simplicity and efficiency of their tool. Their staff comprises of an astonishing 60% former bankers which give them a formidable level of experience from the banker perspective.

Their processes are streamlined by giving the customer the freedom to customize their workflow to maximize efficiency. The integration that they offer entails combining all systems of banks from credit cards to core imaging into a central, easily accessible location to improve efficiency. Scalability makes it possible to maintain systems through growth, which means that banks can be confident in their financial software’s affectivity even when they are growing at exponential rates. Their service makes bank management simple through aggregating systems and making the process easier. 

The late-stage venture capitalist funding was announced in mid-June 2019. They received $300 thousand in capital which will be used to expand their market and increase their headcount.  

Joe Ehrhardt founded E3 Software in 2008 and eventually began Teslar a little while later. After being introduced into the banking world as a teller in 1999, he worked his way through the system and received an education at the University of Arkansas.  He started 3E Software in 2008 to facilitate the management process within the banking system. 

Cadron Capital Partners is a growth investment firm in Conway, Arkansas, some of their other Midwest investments include ApptegyLineus Medical, DivvyHQ, and Phigenics. Jeff D. Standridge, Ed.D and Brett Amerine co-founded Cadron Capital Partners in 2018 and have invested in 12 companies in the last 18 months. After receiving his doctorate degree in education from The University of Arkansas, Standridge completed Mastering Design Program from the Massachusetts Insititute of Technology Sloan School of Management in 2019. 

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