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LegacyBook helps financial planners grow book of business


LegacyBook, a Wichita-based startup, is innovating financial advisor-client relationships and collaboration with a secure and new convenient mobile app available currently on iOS devices (with plans to make it available for Android).

LegacyBook is the solution for the aging clients of financial planners to memorialize and secure their legacy. The company projects that 120 million seniors will transition from independent living to assisted living and nursing home care. LegacyBook’s app provides an innovative, unique, and first-of-its-kind tool to facilitate the financial planning aspects of this transition.

The platform goes beyond financial planning and is available for anyone at any age to begin preparing for the legacy they wish to leave behind. Determining how best to pass on one’s cherished memory and wealth can be a daunting task. LegacyBook connects clients with a trusted advisor to help them capture and preserve their personal legacies.

Financial advisors can join LegacyBook to grow their book of business. The app was designed to be as simple to use as possible while protecting sensitive data with 11 layers of safeguarding security technology.

“Our users’ private information is very secure within our digital platform. We have very rigorous security in place…it is essentially a digital Fort Knox,” said David Thorne, LegacyBook Co-founder and CEO.

Thorne went on to explain that LegacyBook’s platform was built with the client in mind. Clients can issue access to anyone they choose, such as other family members, allowing those loved ones to contribute information toward building the client’s legacy. Client’s can also select when access is allowed, such as during the client’s lifetime, or after the client’s death.

“Maybe you want a spouse to enter information, or maybe you want to allow access to loved ones and others only after you pass away.” In addition, 24/7 support is available at the user’s fingertips.

Thorne co-founded the company with his partner Joe Witte, COO of LegacyBook, in 2017. The duo founded the company with three particular values in mind – humility, faith, and stewardship. With 11 team members currently on board, and a “great company culture that leaves egos at the door,” LegacyBook is setting up to build a solid foundation for a great legacy of their own.

The company announced earlier this month that it has launched its first app for the financial planner market. Thorne said in a recent press release, “Financial planners have told us they want to elevate their services, to talk purpose, family, and giving, but today’s tools are dusty files and stuffy binders. We will be the first to truly bring the digital age to them and their clients where it matters most.”

Dean Griffis, Vice President of Sales, added, “As a dynamic app, LegacyBook allows clients to record and update their legacy information during their life journey. It’s a unique solution that brings together and organizes information about the client’s family, finances, assets, heritage and values in one secure location. All where clients tend to live – on their phones and tablets.”

Thorne commented about the recent hire of Griffis as VP of Sales at LegacyBook, and Lindsey Stillwell, VP of Operations.

“We’re excited to have him leading our sales team and helping us reach our revenue goals. Dean brings to the team a rare ability and specialized experience in establishing and aggressively scaling sales in the software and medical spaces. His other experiences include success as a Wichita entrepreneur. Dean now lives in west Wichita with his wife, Sharon. Together they have four children: Cody, Bethany, Amy, and Caden. He is graduate of Friends University with a Bachelor of Science. Dean considers himself an unofficial booster for the Wichita community and likes sharks. We can’t wait for Dean to bite into sales for LegacyBook.”

Thorne added, “Lindsey Stillwell does mean business. We are fortunate she jumped from freelancing to full-time at LegacyBook. Lindsey is the core of our operations: leader, project manager, researcher, and much more. Her experience as college instructor and her instincts as a strong mamma bear to her two boys help our team stay focused, specific and in line with our mission and core values. She brings to LegacyBook what many technology startups lack.”

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