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D3 Banking acquisition hot on the heels of Flywheel’s exit

D3 Banking’s acquisition by NCR positions the large banking financial technology leader to capitalize on new market opportunities, according to Mark Vipond, President and CEO of Omaha-based D3 Banking, in the company’s announcement this week.   

Omaha native Vipond’s background prior to D3 Banking was developing and deploying enterprise software at ACI Worldwide.  ACI Worldwide, also based in Omaha, powers electronic payments for more than 5,100 organizations globally.

Vipond took over D3 Banking’s predecessor company, LoDo Software, 9 years ago.  He set about redirecting the company’s focus toward building a digital banking platform to serve rapidly aging bank and credit unions, leading to the inception of D3 Banking in 2014.   

He described building the company’s technology from scratch using Agile development processes, in a recent interview with SPN.  He recalled that the evolution of the technology came about when D3 Banking was selling its legacy solution to larger banks. Smart phones came out, and banks needed to invest in upgraded platforms to continue serving legacy vendors, and to meet the expectations and needs of customers wanting to access services.  

D3 Banking’s focus on servicing larger financial institutions has necessarily limited the company’s customer base, but the acquisition opens the doors to expansion into the larger market and financial institutions of all sizes, including smaller community banks and credit unions.  

Vipond commented that D3 Banking is one of Omaha’s best kept secrets.  Vipond attributes the company’s low profile to a client base that exists entirely outside of Nebraska.  The company has grown its staff in four years from 30 to 120 employees and expects an additional 20 in the next 6-9 months.    

Vipond also cited the company’s tailored solutions that uniquely reflect its customers and their brands as one of the differentiators from competitors.  D3 Banking’s solution gives its client the ability to stand out and compete with even bigger banks, at a lower cost than they otherwise could.

The D3 Banking full-service platform supports the common interactions that customers have with their banks on any device; the company also provides solutions that serve operations of internal banking staff as well, such as servicing new clients and opening new accounts. 

D3 Banking announced a partnership with Zion Bank, the largest bank by customer asset size, giving D3 Banking in excess of 4 million users across five large banking clients.

“We offer a sophisticated solution that can deploy rapidly, is best in breed, and is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.  Our acquisition by NCR enables a far greater reach in service tools to more banking institutions and their customers, than ever before. We are excited for the future.” 

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