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Nobl continues to help hospitals and clinics improve the patient experience

Nobl has developed a platform that is changing how healthcare organizations provide care and receive feedback to improve patients’ experiences.

This is done by using the application for rounding in different care environments and for a variety of purposes. The platform is designed to replace manually tracked processes done on paper; it is built to enhance documentation already completed in the medical record with robust rounding analytics to track and improve performance.

Nobl was founded in 2012 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Co-founders Raymond Page, CEO and CTO, and Katie Haifley, CMO and Director of Client Services, are hard at work innovating and enhancing the product to provide even more insights and data to clinics and hospitals.

“Our team is focused on enhancing our digital rounding platform to improve patient experience, safety, and quality of care,” said Katie. “Nurses are extremely busy with many patient care tasks and activities; we’re always asking – how do we provide them with more insights and data at the right touchpoints? We’re incorporating AI into our platform in order to predict patient experience. These features will facilitate proactive interventions to avoid negative patient experiences down the line.”

Katie shared that she’s been fortunate to blend her creative talents and interest in healthcare to build her company and improve its offering.

Katie added, “I always wanted to work in healthcare ever since I was little because I have a genuine desire to help others. But I also was passionate about software design and how technology could make our lives easier.”

Nobl Co-founders, Katie Haifley, CMO and Director of Client Services, and Raymond Page, CEO and CTO

Katie graduated from UNL with a degree in graphic design and completed an internship at Bailey Lauerman, a branding, digital marketing and advertising agency in Omaha, where she developed her long-time passion for design and user experience.

“One day I received a Facebook message from my old boss asking if I wanted to join a team and submit an entry in the Healthcare Connect Challenge, which was essentially version 1.0 of JumpStart Challenge in Lincoln. It was a reverse pitch opportunity in which the businesses each present a problem, and then teams form to create a solution to one of the problems.”

“It was my senior year of college, and I already had a job offer in Omaha. I was so busy, and on a trajectory to graduation, but it sounded like a great opportunity. I decided to help build the prototype and start the company because the problem that we were solving combined my passion for healthcare and technology. I felt that what we were building could not only make nurses’ jobs better, but it could also improve patient outcomes and their experience. We ended up being the only team with an advanced working prototype at the competition.”

It turns out the team’s pitch won them a 120-day pilot at local health system in Lincoln. Katie explained that it was an amazing opportunity for Nobl, given the risk-averse climate of the healthcare market. “The life-and-death nature of healthcare makes it quite challenging for startups to enter the market and get a pilot into a hospital, but we did it,” said Katie.

Nobl completely revamped its platform and changed its user interface that summer of 2013 to better accommodate its use in healthcare.

Katie described the results of the pilot. “We originally had a white user interface, but that can be difficult to view in a dimly-lit patient room. We changed to a dark interface for better visualization at the patient bedside. We achieved great results from that pilot such as increased patient satisfaction and reduced patient falls. The health system ended up purchasing our software and continues to be a great partner with Nobl to this day.”

Nobl has also been through Lincoln’s NMotion accelerator where the team worked on its plan to market and scale. The company raised its first round of seed funding to get the company through its first year.

Katie added, “We focused that year to see if we can grow and scale, and we did that. With the momentum from our pilot and our original seed round we continued to raise money at the one-year mark and developed our relationships to sell to local clients. Now we support hospitals and clinics from coast to coast.”

The Nobl platform is used to analyze data collected during patient rounds and integrates into the organization’s electronic medical records (EMR) to push and pull information from the platform. Though Nobl started out with hourly rounding, the platform today accommodates any type of round, audit, or observation that a hospital or clinic may perform including hourly rounds, leader rounds, and employee rounds.

Hospital nurse managers, executives, and department leaders – even housekeeping managers – may also conduct rounds to visit patients and assess their experience. The Nobl platform allows these leaders to assess the workflow processes to achieve process improvement and higher quality care outcomes for patients.

Katie emphasized Nobl’s continued commitment to quality and results for Nobl’s clients and their patients.  “We believe that our platform must result in tangible, measurable outcomes. That means helping clinics and hospitals improve patient satisfaction. We’ve also demonstrated improved medical outcomes with our platform as well, including reductions in pressure ulcers, fall rates, and call lights…all tied to the money we can ultimately save these healthcare organizations with our solution. We listen to the feedback we receive from our clients, and we use it to implement what they tell us they want and need. We’ll continue to enhance and shape our Nobl product offering and our clients’ rounding workflows.”

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