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Submitted Events: What did we learn at Tech Brew CB?

On May 1st, the Technology Association of Iowa hosted one of many Tech Brews across the State of Iowa.

This Tech Brew featured Dave Kerber and John Grange of OpsCompass.

Kerber and Grange discussed their startup OpsCompass’ technology. The company provides guardrails to enterprise users of public cloud systems, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Public Cloud (“GPC”), and Amazon Web Services (“AWS”). The two discussed their company, its growth, and what they believed was likely to occur over the next decade in technology – both the good and the bad.

There were numerous notable comments from John Grange and Dave Kerber from OpsCompass in the hour of candid discussion about their journey as founders of multiple tech companies. However, none were as baffling (to the thirty-person audience) as a discussion about technologies that will emerge over the next decade. During this conversation, Grange stated that he believed that the most exciting software technology that is likely to emerge in the next decade is homomorphic encryption.

So, with that in mind, we thought up a friendly competition for SPN readers titled – Best Worst Answer. The best and the worst answer to the question “What is Homomorphic Encryption?” will win a $25 dollar Starbucks gift card. Just follow the link below to participate. The contest will end on Memorial Day to give everyone enough time to complete the challenge. Depending on the quality of the answers, there may be a follow-up article published with some of the responses.

What is homomorphic encryption?

Next Month at Tech Brew CB is Kerry Kelley formerly the CIO of USSTRATCOM. She currently runs her own consulting company, but she continues to be well-informed regarding military affairs and cyber activities affecting the military.

The event will take place on Wednesday, June 5th from 4-6pm at the Kitchen Council, 40 Arena Way, in Council Bluffs.

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