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Our Investment Focus

The Nebraska Angels are a network of angel investors who meet once a month to work together to review business plans, listen to pitches, conduct due diligence and negotiate terms for potential investments.

On average, Nebraska Angels invest in ten deals annually, deploying around $5,000,000 in capital.  Since the Nebraska Angels are a network rather than a fund, the decision to invest is made on an individual basis; however, the terms of the investment are the same for all angel investors.

The Nebraska Angels determine if applicants are the right fit for Angel capital based on the following criteria:

  • The team is highly experienced, driven and coachable.  For companies focused on software, there must be a Chief Technology Officer among the team members, or at least one team member with development skills/experience.
  • Strong value proposition.  Angel investors like to invest in opportunities that are solving problems or creating value for end users.
  • The company has a small number of customers, the revenue model is developed and the team understands what the market can bear.  Angel investors rarely consider investing in concept stage companies.
  • The start up requires at least $100,000 in outside capital to fuel the current growth.