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Lucky 7: Some Reading for the Holiday Weekend

Surprisingly, Silicon Prairie News is not the only news or information source out there. But, we consider ourselves well versed in entrepreneurship and ecosystem development.  As such, we have curated seven articles for the Labor Day weekend.  While not all of this is timely, it is timeless.

Please feel free to peruse at your leisure.

  1. Richard Florida published an excellent piece in CityLab in February.
  2. A reader from St. Louis sent in this terrific article about St. Louis’ entrepreneurial ecosystem in Forbes in early August.
  3. Melissa Bradley’s speech at the E-Ship Summit from 2017 still resonates with us, and we re-tune our brains to her insight regularly.
  4. Cannot look at this enough. Ian Hathaway’s summary of the research of the Community for American Entrepreneurship’s study on female founders.  If you are feeling ambitious, read the whole report, it is excellent.  St. Louis and Milwaukee do well.
  5. Paul Graham’s older blog Startup = Growth is one that every startup leader should read regularly.
  6. Andreesen Horowitz’s blog has two articles on startup metrics that every founder should have taped to their wall.,
  7. And last, but certainly not least, Malcolm Gladwell closes out our reading list with his 2011 article in the New Yorker called “The Creation Myth”.

Have a great Labor Day weekend.  Do not work too hard!

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